Our service portfolio includes high-quality, industrial-level 3D printing and the versatile expert services associated with it.

Error-free, high-quality output

We are a reliable and high-quality partner in 3D printing for industrial enterprises. We pay special attention to quality and always provide the highest quality output.

Genuine cooperation with the customer

We provide a reliable service to our customers and cooperate in 3D printing needs, from mapping customer needs to modelling the workpiece. We also participate in developing the product as needed. We want to offer our full expertise to serve the customer so that we can find the best and most functional solutions for every situation.


We provide high-quality 3D printing services for companies’ different needs. We accept individual orders and also perform continuous contract manufacturing.

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We provide training on 3D printing for enterprises, where we share information about the current status of 3D printing and the opportunities that 3D printing may provide for enterprises and industry.

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Consulting and mapping

We provide consulting and mapping for enterprises, where the intention is to clarify the economical applications of 3D printing in each company’s operations.

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Product modelling

If requested, we do the necessary 3D printing design work and product modelling for our customers, in order to develop the idea to a form which can then be printed.

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