Why 3D Formtech?

Is it worth printing the parts yourself or hiring a partner? It depends on the situation! Some companies also have their own 3D printers, for example to print initial prototypes, and thus speed up product development and testing. However, when you’re looking for first-class quality, certified processes and results, and parts guaranteed to meet even the most stringent requirements – it pays to turn to a professional.

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3D Formtech is your partner for industrial 3D printing of plastic and metal 🥇

In many ways, 3D printing creates new ways of manufacturing, and it also opens up new possibilities for the designer. We know that it’s easy to stick to the familiar ways of designing and manufacturing parts. On the other hand, the change does not only affect the designer, but it also requires others in the company to think differently.

3D printing is first and foremost a strategic choice, and that’s why it’s something that should always be of interest, even in the eyes of the management. The biggest changes often come from above, but the designer can also be an important initiator in comparing design and manufacturing methods. The development of various design software has taken leaps and bounds, with some adding tools for 3D print design.

How can you get the most out of 3D printing and design your parts correctly? For the best help, contact an industrial 3D printing professional, such as 3D Formtech. Especially if you are just starting out in 3D printing, we recommend consulting with an expert. This allows us to go through your products, their parts and the different processes involved, and then assess whether they are worth 3D printing. We also organize tailored training courses for companies, which we would be happy to tell you more about. Naturally, our support and assistance does not end at design, but we are happy to be a full partner in the manufacturing and post-production of prototypes and final products, up to digital spare parts.

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9 x why 3D Formtech?

✔️ Expertise and experience

Did you know that we currently manufacture around 40% of all industrial 3D prints made in Finland? In our almost 10-year-long history, we have seen the development of industrial 3D printing, and we also have great hopes for the future.

✔️ Certified materials

We use the plastic and metal materials that are best suited to the manufacturing industry, with the right certificates and quality. High-quality materials ensure that the finished parts and products meet even the most demanding requirements.

✔️ 100% satisfaction guarantee

Being genuinely customer-focused and delivering high quality is something we are known and praised for. We are constantly evolving ahead of our customers and promise first-class quality – that’s why we can offer our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

✔️ High quality equipment

We have several EOS 3D printers and DyeMansion post-treatment equipment to ensure even better surface quality and color. For our customers, high-quality equipment translates into tangible benefits such as faster and more accurate printouts and improved delivery reliability.

✔️ Post-processing techniques

Especially for end products, post-processing plays a huge role, yet few people know what it can do. At 3D Formtech, we have a wide range of post-processing techniques and professional processes for manufacturing parts from the design table to post-processing.

✔️ Partnership

We’re not just a 3D printing company. Above all, we are a strategic partner to brainstorm with, develop and ensure that the full potential of industrial 3D printing is leveraged. You don’t need to know what to print or what materials to use – we’re here for you.

✔️ Quality assurance

How can you ensure that the manufactured parts are of uniform quality? For this, we have validated processes to ensure that production is repeatable, accurate and reliable. We have rigorous quality assurance processes for materials, equipment and internal processes.

✔️ ISO9001:2015 certification

3D Formtech has been awarded the ISO9001:2015 certificate on the basis of strong customer focus, motivation and effectiveness of senior management, process approach and continuous development. It also ensures that customers receive consistent, high-quality products and services.

✔️ Easy cooperation

We receive special praise from our customers for our good customer service and smooth cooperation. It is important for us to listen to what the customer needs, and also to proactively propose suitable solutions on how 3D printing can improve business.

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