3D Formtech

We provide high-quality industrial-level 3D printing and services associated with it for a range of different industrial and enterprise needs. Our premises are located in Jyväskylä, Finland.

Top-quality 3D printing for industry and enterprises

We are a company located in Jyväskylä that specialises in 3D printing and its support services. With our equipment utilising laser technology, and with high-quality materials, we produce high-quality products for even the most demanding applications.

With three 3D printers and three full-time employees, our production runs from day to day without interruptions. We can always deliver 3D printouts to our customers without compromising deadlines or schedules.

Smooth, customer-oriented service

Our services aim to respond to the individual needs of a customer as well as possible. Our expertise is provided for the use of the customer. The 3D printing process starts with a joint planning phase in order to make the end result fully functional in all possible ways.

It is not enough to have a flawless and high-quality end result in 3D printing; the whole process must also proceed in a professional way. We are easy to cooperate with. Communication proceeds smoothly at every stage of the printing process, and sending the necessary files is effortless.

Toni Järvitalo

Managing Director, sales and marketing


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“Toni has several years’ experience in 3D printing and product development.” Precision in details can be seen both in the quality of the products and in our customer service. "

Jirka Borisov



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“Jirka works on 3D product manufacturing and is responsible for manufacturing, cleaning and delivering the parts.”

Mikko Maliniemi

Offers and sales


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“At 3D Formtech, Mikko is responsible for offers and production planning.”