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We provide high-quality industrial-level 3D printing and related services for a range of different industrial and business needs. Our premises are located in Jyväskylä, Finland.

High-quality 3D printing for industry and enterprises

We are a company located in Jyväskylä and we specialise in 3D printing and related support services. With our laser-technology equipment and high-quality materials, we produce high-quality products for even the most demanding applications. We manufacture 3D printouts both from plastic and metal. With seven 3D printers and skilled employees, our production runs from day to day without interruptions. We can always deliver the 3D printouts to our customers without compromising schedules or quality.

Our services aim to respond to the customer’s individual needs as well as possible. We are happy to provide our expertise for the customer. The 3D printing process starts with a joint planning phase to make the result fully functional in all possible ways.

It is not enough to have a flawless and high-quality result in 3D printing; the whole process must proceed in a professional way. We are easy to cooperate with. Communicating with us is easy at every stage of the printing process, and sending necessary files is effortless.


Toni Järvitalo

toimitusjohtaja, CEO

+358 40 836 2446

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Patrik Oksanen

sales manager

+358 44 491 6590

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Ville Niemelä

AM specialist / sales, metal

+358 44 491 5472

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Teemu Kangas

sales, plastics

+358 44 491 6985

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Iikka Kurtti

sales, plastics

+358 44 491 6391

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Katri Virtanen


+358 44 704 8099

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Production – Plastic

Anssi Mustonen

production manager, plastics

+358 44 491 6387

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Toni Huosianmaa

production, plastics

+358 44 491 6984


Jari Karppi

production, plastics

+358 50 435 9022


Pirkka Mäkeläinen

production, plastics

+358 50 435 9022


Jirka Borisov

production, plastics

+358 50 435 9022


Niko Peltonen

production, plastics

+358 50 435 9022


Production – Metal

Joni Partanen

production, metal

+358 44 754 4424





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3D printing of plastic and metal

We have several high-quality EOS 3D printers in use for both metal and plastic production. With our high-quality industrial equipment, we manufacture durable plastic and metal printouts with excellent surface quality and accuracy.

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Other services

Our service portfolio includes high-quality, industrial-level 3D printing and different associated expert services.

Product modelling

We carry out the necessary 3D printing design work and product modelling for our customers to develop the idea into a form that can be printed.

Consulting and mapping

We provide consulting and mapping for enterprises with the intention of clarifying the profitable applications of 3D printing for each company.


We provide training on 3D printing for enterprises, where we share information about the current status of 3D printing and the opportunities that 3D printing provides for enterprises and industry.

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