iLOQ Oy: “Cooperation with 3D Formtech is efficient and dependable, and all orders are delivered on time!”

Reference // Published February 28, 2022

“The biggest benefit is definitely time. 3D printing allows us to speed up the testing required for product development, which also speeds up other processes. It also allows us to get production up and running quickly by printing the parts we want and making sure they are in the right shape, function and design.” Read more about iLOQ Oy's experiences of cooperating with 3D Formtech!

Grundium Oy: “Plastic parts without investing in molds – 3D printing saves time and money!”

Reference // Published December 16, 2021

The close cooperation between Grundium and 3D Formtech has lasted for years. 3D printing has been part of the Grundium microscope scanner since its development. The protective cover under the WiFi antenna of the device is 3D printed, and the 3D printed cover of the overview camera has made the camera lens more visually striking. 3D printed parts are also used inside the machine.

Harvia Oyj: “The end result was achieved with 3D printing in one go, easily and quickly!”

Reference // Published December 10, 2021

Harvia’s collaboration with 3D Formtech started a couple of years ago. ”We needed a small 3D printable part for the proximity sensor on a door switch, and an anchoring part for its receptacle. It was a brand new product. I was already familiar with 3D printing, so I contacted 3D Formtech directly”, says Joonas Hintikka, Product Designer at Harvia.

Aeromon Oy: “The surface quality and mechanical properties of the 3D printed parts are in a class of their own!”

Reference // Published November 30, 2021

“More traditional manufacturing technology is quite restrictive on the geometry of the parts, because you have to get the parts out of the injection mould, for example. The measuring device manufactured by Aeromon is very complex, and 3D printing is simply an easier way to produce many components than any other method”. Read how Aeromon has utilized 3D printing and what a collaboration it has been with 3D Formtech!

Senop Oy: “3D printing for more efficient processes and better customer service”

Reference // Published September 28, 2021

3D Formtech and Senop have been cooperating for years. Along the way, 3D printing has become an important part of Senop's production process, from design to end product. How can 3D printing streamline processes, save time and money and serve customers better? Read more!

Savox Communications: “3D Formtech is a perfect match for us!”

Reference // Published July 1, 2021

Agile product development, more satisfied customers and cost efficiency? Read what Savox's collaboration with 3D Formtech means! ✔️

Nordic Drones Oy: “Confidence in 3D printing, quality and speed make our business possible.”

Reference // Published October 15, 2020

3D printing is the lifeblood of Nordic Drone's business. Read what benefits it has brought and how Nordic Drone comments on the collaboration with 3D Formtech!

Robotech Oy: “Cost savings and swift, more efficient production with 3D printing”

Reference // Published June 2, 2020

Cost-savings, agility and more efficiency to business. Read how Robotech benefited from 3D printing with us!

Orion: “Cost savings and more efficient processes with 3D printing”

Reference // Published January 16, 2020

Working with 3D Formtech, Orion has gained cost savings, efficiency and completely new opportunities. This is because industrial 3D printing can be used to create shapes and surfaces that are not even possible in traditional production methods – at least not without increasing costs.

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