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6 reasons to choose 3D printing

More and more companies have discovered the multiple opportunities of 3D printing and now utilise them as part of a profitable business. What is 3D printing all about and what kind of opportunities does it create for enterprises?


With prototypes or individual models created with 3D technology, the design and usability of a product can be tested risk-free before starting the manufacturing. With 3D printing, the prototypes can be made to look like the actual product down to its specific details, which provides a realistic and concrete image of the product.

Cost efficiency

3D printing is a cost-effective and easy way to manufacture parts. If the sales volume of a company is small (for example, less than 5,000 pcs), 3D printing is an economical alternative for manufacturing workpieces. With 3D printing, the price per workpiece is higher than with injection moulding. However, this removes the need for initial investments and storage costs. Workpieces can be ordered exactly as needed.

Small-Scale Production

Small-scale production is a cost-effective way to manufacture the exact amount of parts required. In this way, large initial investments can be avoided and the production of parts can be started rapidly.

3D printing provides countless ways for enterprises to enhance the effectiveness of their business activities and make their processes faster and smoother.

Spare parts

3D printing allows for the rapid delivery of durable and high-quality spare parts as required. The old part can be directly remodelled or 3D scanned, in which case a new part can be made based on this information.

Design updates

When the design of a product changes frequently or it is continuously modified, 3D printing is the best alternative. As it is very costly to create mouldings, they should be used for longer periods of time. 3D printing, on the other hand, allows for flexible customisation. The design can even be changed during production, if necessary.

Durable materials

With our high-quality industrial equipment, we manufacture durable plastic and metal printouts with excellent surface quality and accuracy.

3D Formtech at your service

We are a company located in Jyväskylä and we specialize in 3D printing as a service provider. With our laser-technology equipment and high-quality materials, we produce high-quality products for even the most demanding applications. Our main focus is providing high quality industrial parts in small or medium size series. We cater for both individual orders and longer term contracts from product development to contract manufacturing. In addition to 3D printing from plastic and metal, we offer a wide selection of materials, design consultation, quality management, latest post-processing systems and 3D-scanning guarantee that a wide range of series production can be carried out at the required level.

With high-quality materials, 3D printers and skilled employees, our production runs from day to day without interruptions. We can always deliver the 3D printouts to our customers without compromising schedules or quality. More accurate parts with our own created validation process? Ask more from us!

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High-quality materials and equipment

All the materials we use have been certified and tested according to ISO standards. Several decades of research and development have gone into understanding the materials needed in different industries, and ensuring the durability and high quality of EOS materials.

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