3D Printing from metal and plastic

Accurate, rapid and reliable 3D printing with high-quality EOS equipment

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High-quality 3D printing for industry and enterprises

We provide high-quality industrial-level 3D printing and services associated with it for a range of different industrial and enterprise needs. Our office and manufacturing premises are located within easy reach in Jyväskylä, Finland.



3D printing of plastic and metal

We have several high-quality EOS 3D printers in use for both metal and plastic production. With our high-quality industrial equipment, we manufacture durable plastic and metal printouts with excellent surface quality and accuracy.

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3D printing of plastic 3D printing of metal


With prototypes, i.e. individual models, created with 3D technology, the design and usability of a product can be tested risk-free before starting the manufacturing.

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Small-Scale Production

Small-scale production is a cost-effective way to manufacture the exact amount of parts required. In this way, large initial investments can be avoided and the production of parts can be started rapidly.

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Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing allows you to ensure that you always have new parts available without the cost and effort of storing them.

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Spare parts

3D printing allows for the rapid delivery of durable and high-quality spare parts as required.

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Marketing and training products

3D lookalike models are an easy and effective way to illustrate the properties of a product for marketing purposes and training events.

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About 3D printing

More and more companies are discovering the multiple opportunities of 3D printing and are now utilising them as part of a profitable business. Thus, what should you know about 3D printing before starting the production—what is 3D printing really capable of?

About 3D printing

Colouring 3D printouts

With chemical colouring, the 3D printouts can be given a finishing touch for the end user or for marketing purposes. Colouring gives the workpiece UV protection and the result is very durable and high-quality. Several different colours are available.

Coloured Products