3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing)

We provide high-quality industrial 3D printing for different business needs. Our product offering includes 3D printing of plastic and metal. We accept individual orders and perform continuous contract manufacturing.

The many opportunities of 3D printing

More and more companies are discovering the multiple opportunities of 3D printing and are now utilising them as part of a profitable business. 3D printing provides countless ways for enterprises to enhance the effectiveness of their business activities and make their processes faster and smoother.


If the sales volume of a company is small (for example, less than 5,000 pcs), 3D printing is an economical alternative for manufacturing workpieces. With 3D printing, the price per workpiece is higher than with injection moulding. However, this removes the need for initial investments and storage costs. Workpieces can be ordered exactly as needed.


When the design of a product changes frequently or it is continuously modified, 3D printing is the best alternative. As it is very costly to create mouldings, they should be used for longer periods of time. 3D printing, on the other hand, allows for flexible customisation. The design can even be changed during production, if necessary.


Compared to traditional methods, 3D printing has many advantages. It enables individualising the product offering and reducing the number of assembled parts. 3D printing allows different geometries with virtually no limits.


No tools are required for the 3D printing process, so it can be started quickly and usually in a cost-effective way. As only as many parts are manufactured as is needed at any given time, savings are gained in storage costs.


There are different 3D printing techniques and they allow the use of various materials according to the intended purpose of use. What they all have in common is that thin layers of the used material are formed one by one according to the model being used. When finished, the printed models can be surface treated and painted.

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metallin 3D-tulostus

3D printing of metal

Complex components


Metal 3D printing creates new opportunities for all kinds of industrial production. 3D printing allows us to manufacture such metal components that are difficult, impossible or very expensive to manufacture by machining.

3D printing of metal

3D printing of plastic

Cost efficient

Small-scale production

3D printing is a cost-effective and easy way to manufacture various kinds of plastic components for industrial and business needs. 3D printing is a suitable production method for both small series and final production.

3D printing of plastic
muovin 3D-tulostus


We have several high-quality EOS 3D printers in use for both metal and plastic production. With our high-quality industrial equipment, we manufacture durable plastic and metal printouts with excellent surface quality and accuracy.

For metal 3D printing we use the high-quality EOS M 290 printer. Its properties and production capacity make it an ideal tool especially for industrial needs.

For plastic 3D printing we run six high-quality EOS 3D printers. The high-quality machinery manufactures products with good surface quality and high accuracy directly from digital CAD files within just a couple of hours.

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EOS p396

10 000

Printed 3D workpieces per week


Top-level EOS printers


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Other services

Our service portfolio includes high-quality, industrial-level 3D printing and different associated expert services.

Product modelling

We carry out the necessary 3D printing design work and product modelling for our customers to develop the idea into a form that can be printed.


If a customer does not have a ready-made plan on the product to be 3D printed, we can help with the modelling of the product. We transform an idea into an electronic model and model the physical parts into 3D models that can be printed.

Consulting and mapping

We provide consulting and mapping for enterprises with the intention of clarifying the profitable applications of 3D printing for each company.


3D printing can be used for several purposes, and professional support may be needed to identify them. With consulting and mapping, we help companies find the suitable applications for 3D printing that boost your operations and enable cost savings.


Based on the mapping, we recommend how 3D printing could be used in the company environment. Even if it is not reasonable to produce the product itself as a 3D printout, it may still be more economical to create the necessary assembly tools with this method, for example.


We provide training on 3D printing for enterprises, where we share information about the current status of 3D printing and the opportunities that 3D printing provides for enterprises and industry.


Training contents can be customised according to the client company’s interests. Ask us for more information on training your company!

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