Free guide: 3D printing for the designers: materials and possibilities

There is a lot of talk about how 3D printing is the future. The reality is that industrial 3D printing is already very much a thing of the past, and it’s worth getting interested in now. Why? While products and their parts had to be designed for manufacturability in the past, 3D printing brings unlimited possibilities to the designer. The starting point no longer needs to be the way the product is manufactured, but rather, what the product or part is intended to be and do.

In this free guide for designers, we tell you…

✔️ What materials can be used for 3D printing of plastics and metals, and which material should you choose?
✔️ How can 3D printed parts be post-treated?
✔️ What should you consider when designing 3D prints?
✔️ Why should a designer choose 3D printing?
✔️ How to get started when you’re interested in 3D printing?

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