Nordic Drones Oy: “Confidence in 3D printing, quality and speed make our business possible.”

Reference // Published October 15, 2020

3D printing is the lifeblood of Nordic Drone's business. Read what benefits it has brought and how Nordic Drone comments on the collaboration with 3D Formtech!

Robotech Oy: “Cost savings and swift, more efficient production with 3D printing”

Reference // Published June 2, 2020

Cost-savings, agility and more efficiency to business. Read how Robotech benefited from 3D printing with us!

Orion: “Cost savings and more efficient processes with 3D printing”

Reference // Published January 16, 2020

Working with 3D Formtech, Orion has gained cost savings, efficiency and completely new opportunities. This is because industrial 3D printing can be used to create shapes and surfaces that are not even possible in traditional production methods – at least not without increasing costs.

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