3D printing optimizes industrial operations

At its best, 3D printing can replace a part in your production equipment that has unexpectedly broken down, as early as the next day. Learn what other benefits 3D printing offers to industry!

Fast and cost-effective production

3D printing as a production method for industrial parts and products is here to stay. It is a quick way to produce plastic or metal products and is especially suitable for making small series and components. 3D printing has a lot to offer, for example, to industrial equipment manufacturers and the automotive industry, as well as to companies that make their own plastic products.

3D printing makes industrial processes and operations faster, more cost-effective, and risk-free in the following ways, for example:

  1. Avoiding interruptions in production
    When you need a spare part as quickly as possible, 3D printing is the most convenient way to make one. You can easily replace a broken part using an existing 3D model. This means that production is down for a very short period of time and income loss is minimal.
  2. Saving on tool and storage costs
    3D printing allows you to make components as needed, eliminating the need to store them. What’s more, you don’t need any production tools, so there is no need to invest in them.
  3. Making products that were never even possible before
    3D printing allows you to make shapes or products that traditional methods have not been able to make.
  4. Changing a model on the fly
    Product development cycles in industry are often quick. 3D printing allows you to change a product model on the fly without it affecting the product’s price. The change only requires the refining of the virtual 3D model. The products are then produced with the altered model on the spot.
  5. Making it easier to start selling
    When you have a 3D-printed prototype of the product you want to sell, there is no need for an initial investment. This is an excellent advantage for small businesses, in particular, as it may not be possible to invest in the products until you have sold some. The 3D model helps you get your products into the market quickly.
  6. Reducing the risk of launching a new product
    3D printing is an inexpensive way to find out the demand for, let’s say, four different product alternatives on the market by making tangible models of the different models. This helps you see which product you should start selling. Making a mould for one product is enough – no need to make a mould for all four products. The costs are thus much lower.

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