Three tips for designing 3D prints

Blog // Published July 1, 2021

If you, as a designer, are used to the fact that complexity is like a red rag to a bull because you have to design different components with their feasibility for production in mind, 3D printing will let you unleash your creativity. In this blog, we’ll give you three tips for you to consider when designing 3D prints or when you are interested in getting started!

Breaking out of the mould: 3D printing brings manufacturing to the 2020s

Blog // Published May 26, 2021

Is 3D printing for intricate components only? It’s true that 3D printing allows you to create even the most intricate geometric shapes, but you will also find 3D printed components in – places like Airbus’ turbo-jet engines – so, no, 3D printing is not just for intricate parts. It offers unlimited opportunities to any manufacturing company that uses plastic or metal in some way. So, what’s holding us up or preventing us from using it more?

Securing better supply and quality in 3D printing, but how?

Blog // Published May 12, 2021

Industrial 3D printing offers companies unlimited opportunities that they can capitalise on more effectively than before. Why did we decide to invest in new equipment and what benefits does it offer our customers? Keep reading and we’ll tell you.

3D printing for competitive advantage

Blog // Published June 12, 2020

Every business needs competitive advantages to remain viable. Something that truly differentiates you from your competitors and is relevant to your clients. In competitive sectors, gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage in a global market is becoming increasingly challenging. The limitless possibilities offered by 3D printing are worth exploring to build your competitive advantage and strategic leverage.

Interested in 3D printing metal? Here’s how to get started

Blog // Published December 1, 2019

The jump from traditional production methods to 3D printing metal is not a big one. Why and how to take that jump? Read more!

Designing is the cornerstone of metal additive manufacturing

Blog // Published December 1, 2019

A successful designing stage is paramount in metal additive manufacturing. It is estimated that up to 30–40% of the entire 3D printing process of a metal component takes place before the actual production stage.

Demands of industrial metal 3D printing on equipment and production quality

Blog // Published December 1, 2019

Industrial metal 3D printing that meets the needs of companies places certain demands on equipment and production quality. In this blog, we review the criteria and why companies planning to start additive manufacturing should consider them.

Metal additive manufacturing – our new blog series begins

Blog // Published December 1, 2019

In 2018, we announced that we would start metal additive manufacturing. The innovation opened up completely new opportunities for the Finnish engineering industry. Our new blog series now takes a thorough look at these opportunities and their foundations.

3D modelling calls for optimisation and a new way of thinking

Blog // Published December 1, 2019

Before a 3D printer can really be put to work, a 3D model of the component to be printed is needed. 3D modelling forms the foundation of efficient 3D printing, which is something you should really invest in.

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