Welcome to the new, greener spare parts industry — digital spare parts are here to stay. We are happy to say goodbye to spare parts warehouses, which tie up millions in capital, and replace them with needs-based 3D printing. What is this all about?

Release the capital you have tied up in warehouses: digital spare parts as needed

The traditional machining method of producing spare parts ties up millions on the shelves of warehouses without any guarantee it will be profitable. Preparing for potential demand eats up a company’s vital resources. The end user often pays dearly for spare parts such as these, often making it more economically sensible to buy new ones.

At 3D Formtech, we produce spare parts digitally based on demand. 3D printing spare parts provides the sector with a more economical and dynamic option, because even the oldest and most intricate spare parts can be replicated when needed. You only need to store one original component, which is copied as a 3D model waiting to be printed. Digitalisation in the spare parts industry means more cost-effective production of spare parts — whether they are metal or plastic.

Optimise use, maximise benefits

Digital spare parts are the most sustainable and cost-effective way to produce spare parts. 3D printing uses only as much material as the product needs. Durable and detailed prints fit the needs of both industry and households.

Digitally made spare parts are also a more environmentally sustainable option due to their agile logistics chains that transport the parts directly to the end user. At 3D Formtech, we can optimise the logistics chains to enable delivery of the parts to those who need them before the old machine even breaks down.

Why choose digital spare parts?

  • Cut warehousing costs streamline business and make capital more lucrative.
  • Optimised costs, materials and logistics chains make production smoother.
  • Centralised production of spare parts guarantees faster delivery.
  • Sustainable option for a greener future.

Digital spare parts from 3D Formtech

We offer high-quality industrial 3D prints suitable for use in both industry and businesses. Our plastic spare parts are a cost-effective alternative for small-scale production. Our EOS 3D printers make CAD prints with excellent surface quality and high precision in just hours.

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Metal prints, in turn, are especially suitable for intricate spare parts that need to be durable. Our EOS M 290 printer is ideal for industrial needs. Its features and production capacity can handle even the most challenging needs.

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The world is changing, and technology is changing even faster. What seems impossible today may become a genuine reality sooner than we realise. We may be suspicious of the latest smart solutions and future scenarios, but they usually have one common goal: to make our lives easier. Industrial 3D printing offers more sophisticated solutions and new ways of doing things. So let’s not press the brake; let’s welcome 3D printing with open arms.