Harvia Oyj: “The end result was achieved with 3D printing in one go, easily and quickly!”

Reference // Published December 10, 2021

Harvia’s collaboration with 3D Formtech started a couple of years ago. ”We needed a small 3D printable part for the proximity sensor on a door switch, and an anchoring part for its receptacle. It was a brand new product. I was already familiar with 3D printing, so I contacted 3D Formtech directly”, says Joonas Hintikka, Product Designer at Harvia.

Three tips for designing 3D prints

Blog // Published July 1, 2021

If you, as a designer, are used to the fact that complexity is like a red rag to a bull because you have to design different components with their feasibility for production in mind, 3D printing will let you unleash your creativity. In this blog, we’ll give you three tips for you to consider when designing 3D prints or when you are interested in getting started!

3D modelling calls for optimisation and a new way of thinking

Blog // Published December 1, 2019

Before a 3D printer can really be put to work, a 3D model of the component to be printed is needed. 3D modelling forms the foundation of efficient 3D printing, which is something you should really invest in.

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