Industrial-grade 3D printing: tinkering or cutting-edge quality for industry?

Blog // Published May 9, 2023

At the turn of the year, we had access to production facilities twice the size of the previous ones. The new facilities are unprecedented in Finland. There are still preconceptions about 3D printing, from small machine shops in 3D printing at home. When it comes to industrial 3D printing, the truth is entirely different. We thought that the best way to see, hear and experience what industrial 3D printing is today is to invite our clients to visit us. In April, we organized an invitation-only event for almost 50 participants. Read what it was all about in this blog post!

Prepare high-quality end products with 3D printing

Blog // Published March 29, 2023

While awareness of the potential of industrial 3D printing is growing, many people are still surprised to learn that you can also 3D print end products – without compromising on quality. We want to play our part in correcting any preconceptions about 3D printing and ensuring that as many manufacturing companies as possible are aware of what industrial 3D printing in plastic and metal can enable.

Senop Oy: “3D printing for more efficient processes and better customer service”

Reference // Published September 28, 2021

3D Formtech and Senop have been cooperating for years. Along the way, 3D printing has become an important part of Senop's production process, from design to end product. How can 3D printing streamline processes, save time and money and serve customers better? Read more!

Breaking out of the mould: 3D printing brings manufacturing to the 2020s

Blog // Published May 26, 2021

Is 3D printing for intricate components only? It’s true that 3D printing allows you to create even the most intricate geometric shapes, but you will also find 3D printed components in – places like Airbus’ turbo-jet engines – so, no, 3D printing is not just for intricate parts. It offers unlimited opportunities to any manufacturing company that uses plastic or metal in some way. So, what’s holding us up or preventing us from using it more?

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