Industrial-grade 3D printing (additive manufacturing) is growing globally at 20-30% per year, and it is displacing traditional manufacturing methods such as injection molding also in Finland. Its potential is recognized in sectors such as manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, marine, textiles, construction, pharmaceuticals, paper, metal and engineering, and food processing.

While 3D printing is becoming a familiar term in Finland, there are still misconceptions and prejudices about the quality and durability of parts in particular. 3D printing is not only suitable for prototyping, but can also be used to design, manufacture and finish end products that meet demanding criteria.

“3D printing is starting to play a significant role in Finnish industry – and no wonder. It helps companies achieve cost savings, improve efficiency and production rate, create better and more functional parts, produce sustainably, and, in the best case, offer competitive advantages. Companies become more self-sufficient as parts can be ordered locally in a few days, while digital spare parts ensure that millions are not tied to warehouse shelves”, says Toni Järvitalo, CEO of 3D Formtech.

Precise quality standards guide quality manufacturing

The story of Jyväskylä-based 3D Formtech began in 2014 with an idea that Järvitalo came up in the sauna of his summer cottage. From the very beginning, the company focused on high-quality end products for the manufacturing industry in Finland and internationally. ISO-compliant materials, post-treatment techniques, rigorous quality systems, equipment, and internal processes ensure accurate, repeatable, and sustainable results. 3D Formtech is the only Finnish 3D printing company to be awarded the ISO9001:2015 certification, which is a sign of the company’s commitment to quality management, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction.

“We are currently producing 10,000 parts per week, with a target of one million components per year by 2026. The industry is evolving, which is why 3D Formtech has also invested in growth through equipment investment, recruitment, and a major expansion of its production facilities. In addition, we have participated in the industry’s leading event Formnext for two years in a row, and as a founding member of FAME (Finnish Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem), we are at the forefront of developments in the field. A lot is being done around the world, and 3D printed parts can already be found in space rockets, but we can do it in Finland too. It’s time to wake up and explore the potential of 3D printing in your business”, Järvitalo sums up.

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