Coloured Products

With chemical colouring, the 3D printouts can be given the finishing touch for the end user or for marketing purposes. Colouring gives the workpiece UV protection and the final result is very durable and of high quality. Several different colours are available.

Coloured 3D printouts directly to the end user

You can order 3D printouts from us with just the right colour, which allows you to deliver them to the end user as they are, or you can use them immediately for marketing purposes. We use chemical colouring techniques which provide a hard and smooth colour finish.

3D printouts are available in all main colours and many additional shades. Ask for availability of the colours. The end result tolerates wear well and is of high quality. Colouring also provides the part with UV protection, keeping it from getting a yellowish tan. The colouring can be made for PA2200 and PA3200GF materials.

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