Industrial-grade 3D printing plays a growing role in Finnish industry – plastic and metal parts at a rate of one million components per year

Blog // Published April 20, 2023

“3D printing is starting to play a significant role in Finnish industry – and no wonder. It helps companies achieve cost savings, improve efficiency and production rate, create better and more functional parts, produce sustainably, and, in the best case, offer competitive advantages. Companies become more self-sufficient as parts can be ordered locally in a few days, while digital spare parts ensure that millions are not tied to warehouse shelves”, says Toni Järvitalo, CEO of 3D Formtech.

What is industrial 3D printing with SLS and DMLS?

Blog // Published June 30, 2022

What is 3D printing with SLS? What is DMLS? Today, 3D printing is used in almost all sectors, including automotive, aerospace, marine, textiles, jewellery, construction, pharmaceuticals, metal, and engineering. How does industrial 3D printing differ from 3D printing at home? Is it worth printing the parts yourself or choosing a partner? In this blog post, we take a moment to go back to the basics!

Three reasons to invest in post-treatment for 3D printing

Blog // Published March 8, 2022

There is far too little talk about post-treatment of 3D prints. However, it not only makes the part or product better, it also helps it stand out from the competition in the market. As 3D printing is increasingly used in many companies, a basic level is no longer sufficient. As more and more printed parts are used as end products, their appearance, durability and features are becoming increasingly important. In this blog, we give you three reasons why you should use post-treatment.

Grundium Oy: “Plastic parts without investing in molds – 3D printing saves time and money!”

Reference // Published December 16, 2021

The close cooperation between Grundium and 3D Formtech has lasted for years. 3D printing has been part of the Grundium microscope scanner since its development. The protective cover under the WiFi antenna of the device is 3D printed, and the 3D printed cover of the overview camera has made the camera lens more visually striking. 3D printed parts are also used inside the machine.

Aeromon Oy: “The surface quality and mechanical properties of the 3D printed parts are in a class of their own!”

Reference // Published November 30, 2021

“More traditional manufacturing technology is quite restrictive on the geometry of the parts, because you have to get the parts out of the injection mould, for example. The measuring device manufactured by Aeromon is very complex, and 3D printing is simply an easier way to produce many components than any other method”. Read how Aeromon has utilized 3D printing and what a collaboration it has been with 3D Formtech!

3D printing plastic: answers to the most common questions

Blog // Published November 28, 2019

What types of plastic components can be 3D printed profitably? Are 3D prints durable? 3D printing plastic: answers to the most common questions

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